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The Arc Carroll County offers a wide range of services. Each person supported is involved in the important decisions that affect their life. Service plans are self directed by each person supported as much as possible to guarantee that their individual goals and preferences are met.

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Community Employment, Vocational & Day Services

Community Employment

Community employment assists people in identifying and developing vocational opportunities that interest them. Participants receive job skills training and job search support. Program Coordinators and Employment Specialists work with each individual to identify job opportunities and partnerships between the employee and employer to optimize vocational success.

Vocational Program

The Vocational Program emphasizes work, volunteerism, and job readiness skills. The program offers community-based employment supports and adheres to an Employment First philosophy. Job development and exploration begins in the initial phase. Once employment is secured, individuals work in Individualized Placements, Group or Enclaves, and as Entrepreneurs. The Arc observes best practices and follows a Place-Train-Maintain model. Employment Specialists and Program Coordinators provide instruction, training, supervision, and support to people working within the community in this model. Employment Specialists ensure vocational success in a continuum of services and seek to maximize vocational independence through job readiness opportunities, enclaves, volunteerism, job shadowing, job carving, job sampling, and job placement.

The Vocational Program also offers Supported Enterprise, a unique program that assists individuals who are interested in owning their own small business. Participants engage in business ownership exploration, develop a business plan, identify funding sources and learn about the daily activities required of an entrepreneur.

Community Development Services

The Community Development Services Program serves a maximum of up to 4 participants per group in the community. CDS participants utilize community resources while becoming involved in a variety of venues, including: Workshops and classes, peer mentoring and self-advocacy, volunteer activities, and activities that promote health, wellness, and socialization.

Day Program

The Day Program provides community inclusive opportunities. Individuals served in this program are engaged in a variety of activities adhering to an Employment First philosophy promoting employment, positive growth, meaningful activities, education, and socially valued roles in the community. Instruction is both community-based and within The Arc’s facility. The Day program provides person-centered support and provides training in: Job readiness skills, job exploration, social skills, health and wellness, continuing education, self-care, individual rights and self-advocacy, math, reading, safety, and community access skills. Each individual’s strengths and abilities are assessed to provide job skill development. Small groups may work or volunteer at local businesses to receive additional training and job coaching.

For more information contact Mary Jo Walla at mwalla@arccarroll.com

Community Living and Support

Personal Supports

Personal Supports offers individuals the opportunity to become actively involved in their community, incorporating their interests and skills. Most activities involve a ratio of one support aide: one individual, but there are ample opportunities for socialization with peers within The Arc and in the community at large. We offer flexible, individualized assistance for people in their homes, encouraging independence while providing skilled care and support for all activities of daily living. We strive to help each person find fulfillment in their lives by setting and achieving their own goals.

Family and Individual Support Services (FISS)

FISS offers flexible, individualized assistance to people who live independently or with family. Supports include in-home assistance, respite care, assistance with leisure activities and transportation.

Alternative Living Units

Alternative Living Units are homes owned and operated by The Arc. Each home has up to three residents with staff support. All of the homes are in residential neighborhoods that provide opportunity for independence and community participation.

Shared Living

Shared Living provides opportunities for people to live with a family or with a roommate who will provide the support necessary for them to live safely and comfortably in their community. Providers have back-ground checks and on-going trainings. Each home is licensed and inspected on a regular basis by the agency. This setting allows an individual to be part of a family or to live in a home or apartment with a roommate who provides as much or as little care as is needed.

Educational Partnerships

The Arc Carroll County and Carroll County Public Schools have partnered together for over 17 years, providing educational support services to high school students and students in the Post-Secondary Program ages 18-21. The Arc’s Educational Instructors practice person centered goals for vocational and educational success, focusing on education, job placement, vocational goals and objectives, lesson planning and curriculum implementation. The Educational Instructors attend students’ Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and transition meetings. The Arc Carroll County participates in five distinct educational programs: VOICE, TCP, ST@CC, TE@CH, and TE@M. The department also works closely with The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) to provide career related classes, job development, and job support for students and adults. We provide six-week paid internships to students with a DORS vocational plan. These internships provide on the job training and follow person centered employment goals.


The Arc provides vocational readiness instruction through the Vocational Opportunities for Independent Change and Empowerment program. This program is for students ages 18-21 who have graduated from their high school with a certificate and are eligible for funding through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Curriculum consists of professional introductions, how to work with others, understanding the role of a job coach and employer expectations. Students receive training onsite.


Instructors from The Arc educate students on career management through the Transition Connection Program in partnership with CCPS. This program is for students ages 19-21 who have graduated from their high school with a certificate and are eligible to receive funding through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) or the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). This school-to-work curriculum consists of locating job leads, identifying community resources, filling out job applications and mastering the job interview and to help students be independent on the job.


Educational Instructors from The Arc instruct students on career and employment resource planning on the Carroll Community College campus in collaboration with CCPS. Students learn about job skills and how to access services. Students are typically DORS eligible and have graduated from their home high school with a certificate.

Transition Education at McDaniel College

This program is a collaboration with Carroll County Public Schools, McDaniel College, and The Arc Carroll County to provide classroom training in self-advocacy and career management to post-secondary students. The students are independent in traveling from class to work, as all students have work training in various departments on campus. The students have opportunity to gain employment skills in dining services, hospitality, and maintenance. This successful work program has been a wonderful addition to our post-secondary programs as it offers students independent life skills as well as on the job training.


The Arc Carroll County provides student instruction at Carroll County Hospital through the Transition Education at Carroll Hospital programsubject matter includes Career & Employment Resource Planning and Self-Determination. The Arc’s Educational Instructor works in tandem with CCPS, providing instruction and real work experience in a hospital setting. Students participate in a variety of job rotation sites and build competency and competence throughout the school year. This program strives to give students skills that will equip them for competitive employment.

Pre-ETS Classes for 2018

Pre-Employment Transition Services are classes for students to develop employment skills and build self-advocacy skills. Students with disabilities ages 14-21 in the high school diploma or certificate program are eligible through DORS to attend our classes. These classes benefit students by learning first hand how to develop skills needed to prepare for the workplace. Classes are held after school with qualified instructors.

Public Speaking-Learn how to speak with confidence! This class will be a fun and interactive way to practice communication skills. Each student will learn how to present a power point presentation and to speak with employers and teachers in a professional manner.

Job Hunters in Technology-Learn computer coding skills and speak with employers in the technology field. The class will be learning the beginning steps to developing a website and other computer applications. You will have opportunity to work on actual coding projects.

College Preparation-Learn more about the process of attending college. The class will assist you in applying to courses and financial aid. We will take you to two college campuses for tours. You can even see what a college dorm looks like!

Click here for information on how to register for Pre-ETS Classes


The Summer Youth Employment program allows eligible high school and post secondary students the opportunity to work in community businesses over the summer with job coach support. Students are placed at job sites in their area of interest and receive minimum wage during their 6 week work experience.

WBLE: Work Based Learning Experience

This program is a DORS funded program in which students receive a six-week work experience and job skill training. WBLE’s are year-round and work around student’s school schedule. Our department provides the job site and job support to ensure students success in the internship.

For more information contact Mary Jo Walla at mwalla@arccarroll.com

Transportation Services

School bus transportation is provided for Carroll County Public School students with special needs.  Each student receives door-to-door transportation services while enrolled in the school system.

Adult transportation is provided in support of the various Employment and Day Services programs.

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