Congratulations, you did it! You found a job that provides meaningful work, fits your skillsets, and aligns with your values. If you are still hesitant to accept, one thing that may seal the deal is the employee benefits package! Employee benefits packages contain the additional perks a company provides on top of the wages they pay you. It’s important to examine what your potential employer offers because these benefits can provide support to your health and well-being, family, financial security, and more!

Here at The Arc Carroll County, we value each employee and work hard to take care of them. One way we do that is by providing excellent employee benefits! According to TeamStage, a large management software company, about 49% of employees seek new career options because of confusion and/or dissatisfaction with their company’s benefits package.1 This is why we work hard to provide our employees with the support they need to feel secure and thrive in life. Read below to learn about a few of the employee benefits and perks you can gain from choosing a career at The Arc!

6 Employment Benefits and Perks of Working at The Arc 

  1. Medical Insurance, Prescription Drug Coverage, Dental and Vision Coverage 

According to, one of the top things people consider when choosing a job is if their health and wellness needs will be met.2 We realize that employees need to be healthy in order to succeed and thrive in their careers. The Arc offers our full-time employees medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, and dental and vision coverage.

  1. Retirement Saving Plan 

Another unique employee benefit we offer is a 403(b) retirement plan for team members. A 403(b) is a plan reserved for tax-exempt organizations that allow employees to put a portion of their wages into an investment account. Employers can also contribute to this account.3 Saving for the future is important, and we want to help you reach your retirement goals!

  1. Paid Training

One of the best employee benefits that The Arc offers is paid training for our staff members. Many of our positions are entry-level and do not require prior experience. If you are the right candidate, we will pay you to learn all the skills needed to succeed in your career. This is a great opportunity to grow your knowledge base and get compensated for your hard work!

  1. Paid Holidays, Vacation, Sick time

Work hard, play hard! Time off is crucial to employee satisfaction. For our full-time employees, we offer generous paid time off to help our staff members achieve a better work-life balance. Full-time employees also receive PTO for the holidays listed below:

Labor Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day.

Full-time and part-time employees also accrue paid sick time.

  1. Tuition Reimbursement

Here at The Arc, we believe in the power of education and encourage our employees to pursue their academic goals. The Arc will reimburse a portion of an employee’s tuition when certain criteria are met. We highly encourage employees to take courses that will further their professional development and help them excel in their position. Gaining additional career-related education is also an excellent way to advance in the organization.

  1. Opportunity to Participate in the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP) Certification

NADSP provides top-notch training that will allow you to learn and apply best practices as a direct support professional. NADSP certification will give you the confidence and skills you need to provide excellent care for the individuals you serve. Learn more about NADSP certification at

At The Arc Carroll County, we recognize the worth and value of every employee. We want you to feel seen and appreciated for your commitment to excellence. The employee benefits package is just one of the many ways we take care of our employees.

To pursue a career at The Arc Carroll County, visit We’d love for you to join our team!