Charlie Rachel            Living with a Disability

By Charles Rachel

People with developmental and intellectual disabilities can do many of the same things as anyone else. However, we may need to find different ways to do things. We even have a special event that is held each year to showcase our abilities at many different types of sports and events. This event is called Special Olympics. We can even work, get married and have families.

In fact there is not much we can’t do if we put our minds to it. People with disabilities are also quite smart, and can figure things out quickly at times. There was an event that took place this past weekend in Baltimore.  The event showcased people with disabilities acting in movies. This event was sponsored by The Arc of Baltimore, in the hopes of helping people better understand us, and our place in our communities.



My Snow Day



By Charles Rachel

When the Carroll County public school system closes because of snowy or bad weather, so does The Arc. When this happens, I spend my day at home watching television.  I also spend a lot of that time wishing I was at work around my friends, and looking forward to the next work day.

I enjoy the weekend, but I get bored very easy sometimes. I tend not to be bored at work, because I am around friends, and stay busy thinking about what I am writing.

When I am at home, I spend most of the day alone. My sister is available to help me when I need it. This is because my parents are at work. There is not much more that happens during my snow day.

As I said earlier, I spend most of my time wishing for the snow day to be over so I can get back to work.

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday



By Greg Allen

I celebrated my 40th Birthday over the weekend at my brother’s house. My cousin, Stacy, came to my party. She gave me a hug for my birthday. 

Over the weekend I also celebrated with my friends Pippi, Tori, Dana, and my neighbor, Amy. This party was at my house.  My friend Mary threw a party for me as well to celebrate my birthday. 

I’ve been working at the Arc’s day program, and I’ve been doing very well. I work on stuffing envelopes at the ARC and I go to Martin’s Westminster, and work on paper work. My parents say that they are very proud of me and that I do a great job.

 My First Golf Adventure