Community Employment, Vocational and Day Services


Community employment

Community employment assists people in identifying and developing vocational opportunities that interest them. Participants receive job skills training and job search support. Program Coordinators and Employment Specialists work with each individual to identify job opportunities and partnerships between the employee and employer to optimize vocational success.

Vocational Program

The Vocational Program emphasizes work, volunteerism, and job readiness skills. The program offers community-based employment supports and adheres to an Employment First philosophy. Job development and exploration begins in the initial phase. Once employment is secured, individuals work in Individualized Placements, Group or Enclaves, and as Entrepreneurs. The Arc observes best practices and follows a Place-Train-Maintain model. Employment Specialists (Level I and II) and Program Coordinators provide instruction, training, supervision, and support to people working within the community in this model. Employment Specialists ensure vocational success in a continuum of services and seek to maximize vocational independence through job readiness opportunities, enclaves, volunteerism, job shadowing, job carving, job sampling, and job placement.

The Vocational Program also offers Supported Enterprise, a unique program that assists individuals who are interested in owning their own small business. Participants engage in business ownership exploration, develop a business plan, identify funding sources and learn about the daily activities required of an entrepreneur.

Community Learning Services (CLS)

The Community Learning Services Program serves a maximum of up to 4 participants in the community. CLS participants utilize community resources while becoming involved in a variety of venues, including: Workshops and classes, peer mentoring and self-advocacy, volunteer activities, and activities that promote health, wellness, and socialization.

Day Program

The Day Program provides community inclusive opportunities. Individuals served in this program are engaged in a variety of activities adhering to an Employment First philosophy promoting employment, positive growth, meaningful activities, education, and socially valued roles in the community. Instruction is both community-based and within The Arc’s facility. The Day program provides person-centered support and provides training in: Job readiness skills, job exploration, social skills, health and wellness, continuing education, self-care, individual rights and self-advocacy, math, reading, safety, and community access skills. Each individual’s strengths and abilities are assessed to provide job skill development. Small groups may work or volunteer at local businesses to receive additional training and job coaching.

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