Airport runway protection zone discussion canceled

The airport runway protection zone discussion tentatively scheduled for Sept. 13 has been canceled following a change in Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners scheduled the meeting after being told that The Arc Carroll County building was within the runway protection zone. Concerns were raised that The Arc would have to move, so the board scheduled a meeting to find a way to resolve the issue, according to a prepared release from the county.

County staff and Commissioner Richard Rothschild, R-District 4, has since spoken to the FAA. During those conversations, they found out that the FAA had already amended the runway protection zone and The Arc building was no longer within the zone.

This change has been noted in a bulletin released by the FAA and will be codified in the FAA guidelines to be issued Sept. 20, according to the prepared release. As a result, the Sept. 13 meeting about the airport runway protection zone was canceled.

The board has asked county staff to communicate with the FAA regarding a separate issue of the Airport Layout Plan. An airport discussion will be scheduled in the future after staff's interaction with the FAA, according to the prepared release.